the tri-sikad

so-called for
how it looks - it has three wheels;
and how it works - it is foot-pedalled.
(To pedal in our dialect is sikad).

This is common in the province
where life is not a rat race
and traditions are remembered and repeated
as they evolve in time.

I find travelling by tri-sikad interesting
as it enables me to:
- savor the view of the countryside
- relax as the gentle breeze beats on my face
- recognize a red, black or blue ant that crosses my way
- greet unhurriedly a cousin or friend on the road
- watch amused at the face of the kids
as I smile and wave hello.

The tri-sikad goes slow
a reflection of the life here in the province.
Even its people don't age fast
as they take life in stride
laughing off life's worries
living one day at a time.

The tri-sikad drivers I've met
were simple, honest people
who would patiently wait
as I drop or pick up something
en-route to the house of a friend.

If I don't know how to get to a place
I just give them the name
and they'd bring me there

If it is beyond their bounds
I'd have to make a square deal
and settle with a price
that is no longer the regular fare.

If weather permits
it's a door-to-door delivery
for the tri-sikad driver has a code to himself:
deliver the package
in fit shape
or he'll lose face.

If you'll give a tip
to the weather-beaten man,
you'll be making his day
under this heat of the sun.

It is not really easy
to pedal around
and be drenched by the rain
burned by the sun
all these and more
just to earn a living
for his family and all.

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