These pictures were taken from inside the bus while going to Tabuk, Kalinga. Kalinga is a northern province of the Philippines that is known for its rice terraces. Even if we did not go to the rice terraces, we got to taste its organic brown rice that was locally grown and manually milled.

Kalinga in tagalog refers to caring like how a good parent takes care of a child. Its meaning is so endearing that its root word was adapted to name a government center that caters to the problem or problematic Filipino youth: Lingap.

Growing up with this definition of kalinga, it may come as a surprise to you that the meaning of kalinga (pronounced as kaling-ga) in the mountain province means the exact opposite. It refers to head hunters.
The people in the northern province of Luzon used to be warring tribes that went after each other's heads, literally. For this, the Igorots, who were enemies of the Kalingas gave them that name.

So, kalinga up north means head takers, while kalinga down south means "head keepers."


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