Journey within...

"Nurture the child within"
I first heard this years ago from Sr. Celine, O.S.B. who allowed me to borrow her elf books. It was from those little books where I learned more about the child in us that needs to be understood, cared for, and be healed. Some years later, while studying at CeFAM, I met Sr. Geraldine, a Singaporean sister who became my partner in one of our counselling classes. She helped me see and accept my childhood issues which I realized were hampering my development as a person. It was an arduous task as I tread on the longest journey within.
Today, while reading retold stories of Lise Lunge-Larsen on Trolls, I came across her 15 basic lessons which affirmed what I thought I already knew, but needs to be reminded lest I forget. Now, I am sharing this with you hoping that this may shed light to some dark path as you take your own journey within.

    • Remember who you are.
    • Be true to your own nature.
    • Follow your dreams.
    • Every action has consequences, so be attentive, be kind, and always do what is right.
    • Your life is a journey; nobody else can do that journey for you.
    • Your journey will unfold according to a pattern. The pattern is a guide.
    • Use your gifts.
    • Help will be offered when you most need it and least expect it.
    • Despite the odds, good will triumph over evil, love over hatred.
    • Don't ever give up.
    • Be careful in what you wish for.
    • Things are not always as they appear.
    • Everything you need can be found inside yourself; it is always there.
    • Miracles happen.
    • There is magic in the world.
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