This dish was prepared for us by Fr. Epoy, a superb cook in all respects. It's pasta with prawns, mozarella cheese, olive oil and spices. Pasta is al dente. Just perfect!

If you are the kind who likes vegetables more than meat, try cooking pasta with squash. hmmm... Doesn't sound so tasty to some, especially to my siblings. LOL!

I served it one time during my birthday. I knew my brother who abhors veggies would be coming for lunch. Since a squadron would be eating for lunch that time, I cooked a kilogram of pasta - al dente, of course - added ground lean meat, lots of tomatoes, then onions, garlic, cheese and not-so-favorite veggie: squash. I added it for its nutritional value, and also to make the kids eat vegetables.

Believe it or not, they licked the plate clean! And my brother asked for a second serving. It was then when I told them what they had just eaten. My brother turned green. LOL!

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