touch... then go

Two motorcycles
going in opposite directions
They merge, seemingly one.
In a blink of an eye
they disengage
On to their respective destinations...
or destiny

"Touch... then, go."

Is it not the same with us?

There are millions and billions of people in the world
We do not meet all
We meet only a few
And these few are able to touch us
even as they go.

The intensity may not be the same
Some leave an impressive imprint
Others, merely a feeling of deja vu
But whatever impression there is
It was a meeting of
Touch... and go.

No sooner than our next hello
We go
Wondering if our next meeting will be
another case of touch and go.
Or forever gone.

Whatever reason there is
why cosmic energies brought us together
I cannot clearly tell
But I am grateful that we met
For I am enriched by that meeting
Hoping that I, too, have become a blessing
In this life's journey of touch and go.

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